A note from the creator of Fluffy Friends

After much thought, conversation with creatives, as well as random people who commented on my videos, I will be retiring LaTonka for now or at least until I can find a suitable professional to take my place. As many of you Fluffies know, I voice, shoot, write and do everything for Fluffy Friends. A few months back I opened up this conversation to discuss what I should do, it was unanimous that I continue with my passion.

But after recent TikTok success and more unique eyes on my characters, there were some who were not agreeable with my creative choices and I would never ignore that. I made Fluffy Friends to be for everyone, all sorts of crazy characters that could make us laugh together. I’ve never had ill intentions with my characters who are each a part of my own personality. Seeing comments saying “a white man is voicing her” is disheartening because I am not white, I am a person of color but regardless, since day one I never hid behind my characters, if you’ve been following for longterm you would know my heart again, aside from that, I had some decent conversations and I want to do better by them because I want to do better in everything I create.

I never imagined people from all walks of life would come to love my silly little characters I made up in my bedroom, it’s pretty crazy and I am super grateful for the outpouring of ‘thank you’ messages I’ve received over the years. I’ve been doing everything all by myself. Moving forward I’d rather build a community with your continued ‘Fluffy’ support that allows even more people to laugh. That’s my only goal. My heart won’t let my creations be a detriment. I know I cannot please everyone but hey, that’s life. So with that, Ms Truxx will be boarding a rocket to head to a space station to help study Mars, wish her luck as she embarks on her new journey. PS: If there are any talented POC puppet performers around LA, feel free to connect with me!

Stay Classy!


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